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A step forward!

He said to me once, “You have a rare magic in your hands and a perpetual vision to see things differently, dont abandon your thoughts and dont ever get afraid of showing it to the day people are going to see your efforts and struggle”. He had said enough, for me that day was the day of accomplishment.
Every daughter has this wish to be loved and appreciated by her father, so does for me. This was my first attempt towards photography adventure. Sadly, I never get the chance to make him see my captures but I have his wisdom and sight with me for the rest of my life. For the record, he was a photographer too. I still remember the goosebumps having when i held my very own sony alpha 3000 for the first time..and i still love my camera 😊
For every victory, you had to take one little step forward, a small window of opportunity and then it takes you to the road of success. And to be very honest, failures too make your way smoother. Believe me, this was my first step to unveil the beauty of life and i am glad photography has become a passion not a need to survive.
A tale from me to you..follow for more beautiful adventures.